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Clearing/Snagging Assessment

The Tyrrell SWCD is currently doing an assessment of the waterways of the entire county.  The purpose of this assessment is to determine and map out where these waterways are obstructed, so that when funding becomes available these waterways can be taken care of by priority.  If you have any information on obstructed waterways please contact the district.

Beaver Assessment

The Tyrrell SWCD is currently doing an assessment of the population and expansion of the beavers in the county.  These beavers can clog drainage in waterways throughout the county encouraging flooding.  The state has a Beaver Management cost share program,  Tyrrell County has to match funds to enroll in the program,  so any and all beaver problems should be relayed to the district so that if needed the county can enroll in the BMAP program for 2014-2015.

Drainage Service Districts

Tyrrell county is looking at the possibilty of implementing drainage service districts in the county.  Currently a Water Management Study is  being conducted in the county to assess what can be done for maximum drainage and storm water run off in the watershed.  These service districts when put into place will gather funds from the property values of the taxpayers, and with these funds will be able to do more projects such as clearing/snagging, addtional funding of aquatic weed spraying, and an overall  purpose of waterway maintenance.